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Vaporfi Coupon Codes For April, 2018


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VaporFi Review: No One Beats Their Selection

Maybe other e cig companies provide a bigger selection of individual products, with starter kits configured in multiple ways, but VaporFi takes a different tack. They provide 6 different products, 7 starter kit options, and a way for e cig consumers to start and stay with a single company for many years.

This subsidiary of IVG (International Vapor Group) is also responsible for Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke, two very good mini cig companies. They provide excellent products, but can’t grow with vapers the way VaporFi can. This VaporFi review will look at their starter kits and what makes them special, and also talk about how you can get Vaporfi discounts.

VaporFi BannerChanging Face of VaporFi Customers

The first e cig you use will either be a cigalike or an eGo. The cigalike advantage is that it fools the user into thinking he isn’t making such a huge change.

He was a slave to his cigarettes, so he’s removing those chains slowly. First, he gets used to not inhaling smoke and smelling like an ashtray.

When he gets his senses of smell and taste back, the vaper realizes he enjoys waking up without a lungful of gunk and coughing the rest of the household awake. He can walk up stairs and, eventually, run up stairs too.

Mini cigs get boring, though, especially after the smoker has dropped nicotine and the buzz is gone. Vapor is okay but not excellent, so he develops a taste for bigger vapes with bigger tanks. Then he wants to play around with his e cig, and now he can with buttons that change voltage and, consequently, the temperature of his vapor.

All this time the vaper has been able to stick with a single company. VaporFi representatives have given him advice about choosing a product. He doesn’t have to give his business to someone he doesn’t know and has no reason to trust.

He has the option to shop impersonally, online, or walk into one of several VaporFi stores in Florida or one of the new shops opening in other states like Maryland and New Jersey.

Vapor Fi ProStarter Kits: The Pro

I’ll begin with the Pro Starter Kit, VaporFi’s best seller.

Starting at $49.99, Pro kits are black, blue, pink, yellow, platinum, and more: there are loads of choices in the way of color and style.

Matching cartomizers are solid with a viewing window and follow the line of the attached battery so as to form a smooth shape. With a Platinum tank on board, the Pro looks like a mini torch.

These are eGo-style devices for mid-level vapers. Although they take no effort to figure out, you do have to be prepared for manual activation and ready yourself for extra-thick vapor. Choose a regular Pro, the Pro in one of several colors, or a Pro Platinum.

VaporFi Express e cigExpress E Cigs

These belong in the number one place as the first e cig you will try when you quit smoking. An Express looks much like a cigarette with white cartomizers and batteries pin-striped horizontally.

You get a 180-mAh and a 280-mAh battery in the starter kit which also contains a USB charger and a wall adapter. This is where the Express stops short at $29.99.

If you thought that was a cheap price for 2 batteries, you might overlook the missing piece: cartomizers.

This is the only entry-level starter kit out there without them.

VaporFi leaves it to the consumer to select one of their 5 cartomizer flavors, $14.99 for a package of 5.

They can also choose blank cartomizers and fill those with VaporFi e liquid or another brand they especially enjoy.

If you look on the VaporFi website, the company posts videos showing how to fill a cartomizer.

VaporFi AirVaporFi Air Starter Kit

Next in size is a tiny vaporizer; one so small as to rival the Express for stealth: the Air.

It has a 350-mAh battery so now you know: there is a small step you can take before graduating from cigalikes to eGos.

In black or white, this is a flat design not compatible with anything else.

Although VaporFi made the Pro to work with multiple styles of clearomizers and tanks, connections for the Air are proprietary.

Vapor fi PulsePulse Kit

This is not a VV kit, just so you know.

The screen on a Pulse is only there to provide information, like how much battery power you’ve got left.

It also has a puff counter if you’re keeping track 🙂


The three most important selling points of a Pulse starter kit are its fabulous looks, excellent power, and circular charging stand.

This wireless stand is first charged then used to charge your Pulse when you are away from a USB port.

Power is comparable to that of the Pro, but its looks are more futuristic.

This is a high end personal vaporizer for those of you looking for a sharp device that’s aesthetically pleasing, and offers great performance. This also qualifies for a Vaporfi discount.

Vaporfi rebelRebel APV Starter Kit

The Rebel combines the heft and tube-style of a mechanical mod (Chi You, Magneto, etc.) with the circuitry of a LavaTube or VTube.

It’s a telescopic device, so if you want to use the 600-mAh battery that’s perfectly alright: you get a shorter line and lighter device.

Select the 2600-mAh battery and the device will elongate to accommodate your choice.

Use the LCD screen to see what voltage you have set it to and the value it is operating at.

Consumers pay $179.99 for this highly accommodating stainless steel device which accepts several types of VaporFi and other brands of tanks.

E Liquid

If VaporFi already caught your attention with their e cigs, wait until you see their e liquid. Each 30-ml bottle costs $14.99 and comes in flavors like Amaretto, Marshmallow, Peppermint, and Graham Cracker.

They’ve got tobacco and menthol liquids in several nicotine levels.

You don’t have to vape with VaporFi to buy their liquids, of course. They can be dripped into Triton Tanks or Aspire Nautilus tanks: whatever you are using. Since their pre-filled cartomizers cost the same for a set of 5, that works out to almost $3 per/ml. With a bottle of e liquid you pay about 50 cents per ml.

Customers are invited to choose three e liquid flavors and combine them into their own style for the same price. They make juice in an approved facility from USP ingredients.

As you can see there are many deals that are offered at VaporFi, and you can use our exclusive promo codes that allow up to 12% off the hardware at VaporFi; make sure you are in on the know for their promotions and use our coupon codes to save money.

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