Vaporfi Franchise Opportunity

If everything written in financial publications about e cigs is true, then this is a business set to grow even more than it already has. Corporate people and investors don’t have to be vapers to take advantage of this opportunity to invest in and earn a living (or make a killing) out of electronic cigarettes. Each year, sales triple over the previous year’s takings.

Owning a VaporFi Franchise

You don’t have to build an e cig store from the ground up. One of the easiest ways to start an e cig business is to find an existing and successful company, present your business experience to head office, and put up capital to open a franchise. There are lots of ways this could take shape.

VaporFi products, for instance, are sold from kiosks, from stores located within shopping malls and along strip malls, and from brick-and-mortar stores. This company has spread but there is plenty of American and international soil not yet conquered by the company. The name is creeping west and north.

VaporFi FranchiseVaporFi: the Profitable Option

Why should a business person hone in on VaporFi as a possible franchise instead of another brand?

You will receive excellent support from their highly skilled management team including extensive training. Franchisees adopt the excellent VaporFi reputation, their product line, and a built-in POS system which works for all of their stores.

VaporFi manufactures their own e cigs in America and China, sustaining low overheads so they can provide excellent prices. When passed on to store owners, owners then set prices affordably for grateful customers. Customers come back for more.

Quality Products

American made e liquid is hotly sought after by vapers. They know they don’t have to buy Chinese e liquid: American juice gives them more confidence in quality.

Yet, being made in America is not enough on its own to guarantee quality. Many e liquid companies fail to create the hygienic standards customers should expect. VaporFi makes a point of putting all necessary safe guards in place.

Their e liquids are mixed in a dedicated facility, not a kitchen. They are made from USP, Kosher ingredients and food-grade flavorings. Nicotine is manufactured in America. Their vegetable glycerin is made from Malaysian Palm — the best vegetable glycerin available, and also free of nut allergens.

Customers return again and again to VaporFi’s excellent, customizable e juice, enjoying the freedom to make up their own flavors. They also appreciate the quality of their variety of e cigs.

Range of Choice

Having thousands of e juices to choose from is enticing, but do not overlook the styles of e cigs and the single vaporizer produced and sold by VaporFi. With five types of electronic cigarette, this brand can walk a new vaper through the steps from quitting smoking, to higher-powered eGo products, and on to an electronic mod. They are also there to help individuals who vape their tobacco as a dry leaf.

This selection of products and accessories to go with each device ensures franchise owners always have a big menu of ideas for their customers, and that they appeal to beginners and advanced clients.

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